About Us

How We Began

Our lives changed once Bitcoin appeared, just like yours did. Although we didn’t know much and had no information, we worked hard to understand everything, which brought us to where we are.

We began designing BitLQ because we knew it was a good idea. We understood that the most difficult part of trading is making smart choices, so we wanted to help people like you.

Even though we went through many challenges, we created BitLQ, which currently works by providing you with the bigger picture. Thus, the app can help you make more intelligent choices if you start using it as soon as you can!

Our Goal

It may be hard to imagine it, but we started just like you: we were young traders interested in what cryptocurrencies have to offer.

However, we noticed it was extremely hard to get accurate information and understand everything you needed to know to make smart choices. Thus, we wanted to make a tool that could help you in that process.

It's much easier to decide when you have the right tools by your side, which is why BitLQ is essential for you. The features include user-friendliness and compatibility with all your devices. It's very easy to use, so you don't need to worry!

Regardless of whether or not you have prior knowledge, we designed BitLQ to help you have a different perspective. It offers different alternatives, and you have to choose what to do – are you going to take advantage of the app or not? It's your decision now!

BitLQ Is Waiting for You

If you're looking for software that gives you a different perspective on things, BitLQ is what you've always wanted. Many traders have trouble making the right call. We understand the fear you're feeling because we went through the same thing, which is why we created BitLQ.

Even though BitLQ can't make all your fear go away, it can give you different options, and it's your decision whether to take them or not. Now that your future is in your hands, choose what you want, and start using BitLQ to make smarter decisions.

The world is quickly changing, and sometimes you may feel like things are going too fast. The cryptocurrency industry is constantly evolving as well. However, it doesn't mean it's not the right time for you to start trading or continue with your journey – with BitLQ, you can decide more intelligently!